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Doughnuts Diary

(Revenge of the Plank)

Doughnuts Blog (Plank)
8 November 1971
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Greetings all those who are brave enough to find out more about little 'old' me.

Anyway My name is Mark, I am a young 35 year old who lives in a small village just south of Oxford in the good old United Kingdom.

I was recommended about this site via many people and as I have written a normal diary since 1989 (which i've been told for a bloke thats pretty unusual?), I decided to combine my diary entires (I will still write my normal diary ones everyday and get on this when more interesting things happen as it would get pretty boring if you see me type 'Normal day nothing worth to say' would it??).

Anyway will try and not type too much here as the entires build up more and more will be revealed about me (also gives me an excuse to type things in when it gets very quiet!).

What I will say is I still live with my parents (Mary and Michael who I will naturally refer to as Mum and Dad here) and have 1.5 sisters. The .5 is my half sister Kate who lives in East Anglia, the other sister is Helen who is four years older then myself and lives in Melbourne Austraila with hubby Paul and daughter Eloise.

Anyway I had a pretty normal upbringing, attended school then university got various grades (but if I go into that it will bore you stupid). My main hobbies are computing, badminton, football, laser-tagging, sci-fi and movies. Im single at the moment but looking but it seems ladies dont like the shy and nice gents anymore (well I hope not). Thats it for now more maybe mentioned in the diary entries. Anyway if you want a chat or say hello then please let me know.

Well let the entires begin!!!

5th August 2005 (updated 19th March 2007.......well the age bit)
11.15am GMT